Continuous development along with increasing complexities in economic world leads legislators to bring frequent and rapid changes in tax laws. We here at GAB & Associates provide in-depth and well thought advice for our clients. Whether you are planning a restructuring of your business or want to come to terms with frequent changes in tax regulations, our highly professional team advices you on how to face and mitigate risks through those situations thus providing a deep and accurate insight to achieve business needs.

We regularly update our clients on major amendments in taxation regimes taking place frequently and their possible effects on business. We enable our clients to improve their day-to-day reporting thereby reducing small errors, reducing costs and ensuring your taxes are handled efficiently.

  • Advising in preparation and finalization of Income Tax Returns and TDS Returns.
    1. Appearing before the adjudicating authorities.
    2. Providing consultancy services in the areas of Direct Tax varying form consultancy right from individuals to corporate.
    3. Handling matters of Transfer pricing along with double taxation issues.
    4. Providing solutions to taxation problems faced in cases of Business Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as Joint Ventures.
    5. Providing consultancy to Non-Resident Clients
    6. Preparation of periodical GST returns
    7. Providing Consultancy on various complicated

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