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(CA)Chartered Accountant in SURAT


Chartered Accountant in Surat, Gujrat

Chartered Accountant (CA) is beyond the traditional accountancy or business training and is a study of accounting & other business related subjects. It is one of the few qualifications that is truly respectable and has international acclaim. Institute of the Chartered of India (ICAI) is the body governs everything related to the Chartered Accountants and its course. It is frequently said:

“Behind every successful business there is a CA”

So for the success of city Surat which have managed to get the First Rank for Overall City Award by Government of India for the third time in a row, how can contribution of Chartered Accountant (CA) be ignored, who have managed the financial economy of the city.

With the advancement in the Surat economy, scopes for (CA)Chartered Accountant in Surat are also becoming broader providing amplifying career opportunities for businesses.

Surat – known as hub of diamonds shall be soon known as hub of Chartered Accountant (CA) providing their services not only in field of traditional practice of income tax return filing,, GST return filing, Auditing & Assurance, Tax Consultancy, Accounting Services, Accountants & Finance Outsourcing, and other compliance management but also for the specialized services in areas of valuation, liquidation, corporate financing, Management & Corporate Consultancy, Management Accounting and the never ending list which shall evolve according to future needs to help a business grow.

Some of the prominent areas where (CA)Chartered Accountant in Surat has evolved are:

  • Traditional Services
  1. Goods and Services Tax:
    After introduction of GST especially in Textile sector, it is the Chartered Accountant who has helped the industry understand the Law and ensure its timely compliance so as to avoid any interest & penalties.
  2. Internal Audit
    The demand for Internal Auditors is on the rise due of the increase in rules and regulations for firms. There is a want for auditors to examine records,, documentation, practices and verification of assets and liabilities. Jobs in Internal Audits of firms in Surat are a lucrative area for CA.
  3. Taxation
    Service of taxation is one the the oldest services the (CA)Chartered Accountant in Surat are providing. There are hundreds of CA Firms with about experience of more than 50 years in this field. They review their client’s businesses and provide an services of income tax filing, TDS Return Filing, furnishing Audit Report , filling various forms and ensuring compliance with law to save clients money.. Chartered Accountant (CA) stays updated with every year’s Finance Budget & helps clients in tax planning.
  • Specialized Areas:
  1. Start-ups ecosystem
    With the growing numbers of Start-up firms in Surat, there is an increasing demand for handling the finances of these new companies. Chartered Accountant (CA) can find new and unique opportunities for growth in these new concept firms work with these start-ups and. Chartered Accountant (CA) have not only handled finance of startups but have also formed startups.
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
    The increasing startups have increased the instances of Mergers and Acquisitions. Chartered Accountant (CA) manages their client’s mergers and acquisitions cases as advisors. Their roles include evaluating the viability of selling or acquiring off businesses based on assessing their performance. The position is a high-ranking position that can provide a lot of new growth opportunities.
  3. Wealth Management
    Wealth Management is a service that provides investment and financial advice, tax services, accounting, and retirement planning. Wealth management as a profession in Surat has seen a rise in demand and can be easily provided by Chartered Accountants who are well-versed with finances and management.
  4. Forensic accounting
    Forensic accounting involves Chartered Accountants to investigate cases of insurance, banks, commercial fraud, civil cases and sometimes cases of personal injury or appointed by Serious Fraud Investigation Office . Larger firms usually have a highly specialized department and to handle such areas of work, in which job positions are filled by specialized and experienced Chartered Accountants.
Chartered Accountant in Surat

Chartered Accountant in Surat Chartered Accountant in Surat

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