Internal Audit and Risk Advisory


In current scenarios, internal audit is seen and implemented as a key strategic tool for the company. A well-structured internal audit function with its objective to reduce the challenges faced by management, audit committee, and other stakeholders, can add value to the company.

We, as an internal audit firm in India, ensure exactly that for our clients. It is a third-party evaluation of the operations of an entity with an objective to improve performance, develop a strategy to manage the risks, maximize the value of the entity, and identify any opportunity of further improvement. Internal Audit is a procedure undertaken by management to get clarity on the effectiveness of the internal controls in place.

We at GAB Global assist our clients with an in-depth analysis of their operations and advise them on critical risk areas and possible opportunities for improvement. With our integrated approach to internal audit we help them boost performance and add value to their operations.

Our dedicated team of experienced and certified professionals assist our clients to understand the various aspects of internal audit and customize audit techniques as per client requirements to conduct the audit of internal financial controls over financial reporting.

Our internal audit services typically include the following processes:

  • Critical evaluation of internal controls, performing gap analysis and suggesting areas for improvement and efficiency.
  • Constructive review of operations – keeping your business needs and risks at the forefront of our mind.
  • Identification and recommendation of areas for cost reduction and revenue optimization.
  • Critical evaluation of systems and procedures, including those which are embedded in information technology systems and processes.
  • Identification and assessment of risks, followed by suggestion of risk-mitigation measures.
  • Ensuring proper compliance with the various regulatory provisions and operations manuals
  • Assisting in meeting the corporate governance requirements, particularly with respect to the far-reaching changes introduced by the Companies Act 2013.

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