IT Audit



An Information Technology audit is an evaluation and examination of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, operations and policies.

Whether or not IT controls safeguards corporate assets is ensured by Information Technology Audit, it also ensures data integrity and whether the business’s overall goals are achieved or not. IT auditor verifies physical security controls as well as overall business and financial controls that involve information technology systems.

Today all business operations of new as well as existing companies are increasingly computerized, and thus importance of IT audit is increasing and is used to verify accuracy of information-related controls and processes are working efficiently. Following are various primary objectives of an IT audit:

  • Evaluating the processes as well as systems that are in place and secures company data.
  • Determining risks associated to a company’s information assets, and enabling them to identify various methods to control the risks.
  • Ensuring information management processes are in adherence to IT-specific regulations, standard and policies.
  • Determining inefficiencies in the Information Technology systems and those associated management.

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